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Dr. Zelenka in the first episodes

Member of an international expedition to the Ancient city of Atlantis. Dr. Zelenka comes from the Czech Republic but speaks English as well as Czech. He is one of the leading scientists of the expedition and he became an expert on the Ancient technologies. He manages the systems of puddle jumpers and other Ancient devices. He is respected by other scientists, even by Dr. McKay who was saved by him when one of the puddle jumpers got stuck in the gate. Later on, he helped to save the city from a destructive storm. He also discovered the deep space sensors and the mechanism which opens the puddle jumper hangar. Unfortunately, Dr. Zelenka doesn´t posses the Ancient gene essential for controling some of the technologies and the gene therapy was no use either. Once, he was infected by nanoviruses causing hallucinations followed by death. Luckily, the nanoviruses were destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse so that Doctor Zelenka can go on discovering new technologies and saving lives on Atlantis.

/ Author: bleckablu /

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